Monday, September 22, 2008

Artsy Shoe Statements

Instant style is inevitable when you accent your feet with aesthetic shoes. I would luv to feed my closet with tasteful shoes that rock but unfortunately my bank account doesn't allow me to indulge in savory shoe delights as often as I would like but hey that's okay I'll just diet on shoe images until I'm able to do so. Meanwhile, I think it's sheer basic instinct to be minimal and chic especially when it comes to shoes and why not, shoes are the ultimate accessories to make you stand stylishly tall, not only do they make your legs sexy but they ensure lots of attention. My sister is forever in search of that certain one of a kind dress, and I persistently tell her to forget about the dress and focus on the shoes, yeah I luv clothes too, but imagine if you only had a paper bag to adorn your lovely body, wouldn't it be worth it to invest in some knockout shoes, okay maybe the paper bag is stretching it a wee bit but in short what I'm saying is, a magnificent look can start off simple and end exceptionally unforgettable by wearing shoes like the ones from the Fall'08 collections of Pierre Hardy above and Prada below.

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