Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Solely Breathtaking !

L. Frank Baum American Author of the children's book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz says, " Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again." ~ And look at ingenious creations like Iain Crawford's exhilarating photograph "Colorful Emotions" and Designer Giuseppe Zanotti's magnetizing sole for Fall'09 !


~Marie~ said...

I used to have a nail polish that was this color blue. My first car, a hand me down from my older brother, was this color blue. When the paint started peeling off the car I filled in the missing paint with the blue nail polish.....hey, it worked!! Plus it wasn't like the car was new. It was a 93 Plymouth Sundance!!

These soles made me think of that's amazing what a color can trigger.

Kristin said...

What I wouldn't do for those!

Sher said...

Oh my, those are some breathtaking shoes indeed! I love the colour so much!!

sofiasophie said...

The pic is amazing! I've been some minutes wandering what and how he did it, and I stilll don't know.....

and the shoe is beautifull, the colour and the design...

The Haute-Shopper said...

Fabulous post! That photograph looks like the model was splashed with paint (is she?). Can't decide if it's an outfit or paint. Anyway, those shoes are beautiful as well. The vibrant cobalt blue is stunning!

Lilee said...

wow, those are the most awesome heels ever. so shiny!


Breathtaking indeed!!!

Sweety P said...

The photo just blew me away. Love the cobalt blue boots!

Fashion Doohickey said...

@ Kristin: Exactly!

Oh my god, those shoes, they're to die for! I love it!

thanks for dropping by! :)


janettaylor said...



Carissa said...

gosh, this is gorgeous! what a color!

Jaime said...

Amazing, gorgeous, fabulous pairing! That blue is a striking color.

Is This Real Life? said...

Beautiful shoes, that colour is just so vivid!

annechovie said...

Great fold detail on that shoe, Gerri!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Great photo to go with those shoes. Those shoes really do look like they are going to splash right of the screen. :)

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I love the unexpected color patent. Stunning.

Beth said...

LOVE the colours here!
That photo is fantastic, SOLELY an amazing concept haha :P

Eva Internazionale said...

This color makes my mouth water.

clarewbrown said...

Woah that photo is amazing. Photography is truly a delightful art. Those shoes are AWESOME! I love the electric blue and the wrap effect. gorgeous

Alexandra said...

Those shoes are amazing! I love the shade of blue.

Sharon Rose said...

How gorgeous my dear!!Just to let you know there is an award to collect from me!! have a great weekend!!

Etrapar said...

wow, really nice! ^>^

Patty Ann said...

royal metallic blue
i was wondering, where do you get your inspiration for each post??? you draw photos from different areas like art and fashion and literature, so how do you decide what the theme should be each day??

Tori said...

Love the picture with this shoes. Gorgeous!

Gerri Ward said...

HI Everyone:

-Marie, OMG! Marie YOU are solely HILARIOUS! Thanks for making me LAUGH - I luv the idea of nail polish filling in the bare spots!!!:)
p.s. I'm sooo HAPPY this post reminded YOU of that FABULOUS story!

-Kristin, Oooh believe ME, I have been thinking the same thing!!!:)

-Sher, the color and design are solely made for each other it's INGENIOUS!!!:)

-sophiasophie, Je ne sais pas non plus comment cette photographie a été créée mais c'est stupéfiant!
La couleur et le design sont fabuleux!!!:)

-The Haute-Shopper, I don't know but it's solely ingenious! I luv the Cobalt Blue because it's sooo MESMERIZING!!!:)
p.s. I'm sooo HAPPY YOU like this post! - THANKS

-Lilee, I luv the way these soles shine, they almost look WET!!!:)

-Miss Glitzy, OMG! These soles and this photograph solely take my breath away, well sort of because I'm still breathing!!!:)

-Sweety P, I know I luv this photo,it's mind blowing!!!:)

-Fashion Doohickey, OMG! YOU are sooo welcome! By the way I luv your blog! I solely agree these soles are to DIE FOR!!!:)

-Janettaylor, OMG! Perfection it is!!!:)

-Carissa, WOW! This color makes me feel sooo alive, it's solely GORGEOUS!!!:)

-Jaime, THANK YOU! This color is sooo invigorating and solely GORGEOUS!!!:)

-Is This Real Life?, I solely agree these are BEAUTIFUL soles and the color is BRILLIANT!!!:)

-annechovie,OMG! I luv the folds they solely make the color POP!!!

-Jennifer Fabulous, OMG! YOU are sooo right!!!:)

-Sarah,La Jeune Marie, Sooo do I!!!
p.s. THIS color is to die for, it's solely FABULOUSLY GORGEOUS!

-Beth, OMG! I solely AGREE with YOU!!! haha:P

-Eva Internazional, WOW! I luv that! It's sooo true when I think about it, this FAB color makes my mouth water too!!!:)

-clarewbrown, OMG! YOU said it all in a breath, I solely agree!!!:)

-Alexandra, ME TOO! The blue and the style of this sole are solely FAB!!!:)

-Sharon Rose, OMG!!!! I'm solely HAPPY! This means sooo much to me coming from YOU! - THANK YOU!!!
p.s. Now I will have a GREAT WEEKEND! YOU too have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!:)

-Etrapar, I couldn't agree with YOU MORE! - THANKS!!!:)

-Patty Ann, OMG! My inspiration mostly comes from how I'm feeling when I sit down to post! It's weird I know but it's FUN!!!:)

-Tori, WOW! THANKS!!! I bet YOU could make these soles ROCK!!!:)

susan said...

My Daughter has a shoe problem, I'll let Paris Hilton in on your blog
Take care Susanxx

virtual said...

I love the mix of both!Beautifull Picture also.Belinda

TLT said...

Amazing photograph and amazing liquid blue shoe!!

Dusk said...

I love how you do this... this symmetry...

I need these shoes.