Saturday, December 24, 2011

Solely Jennifer

Unknown says "You only live once, so make it worth it and live your dreams, never say never and be fearless." Two prime examples are Jennifer Lopez and Christian Louboutin's shoe for Spring/Summer 2012.


Aitana said...

i love them ;)


~Marie~ said...

These shoes are so edgy and she could definitely pull them off.

Cylia said...

waow those heels are fierceee!:) PS. Christmas is over, but I still want to give you a present.. Join my ‘Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway with Monki, Pull & Bear goodies and more! Only a couple hours left! here:

Sabina said...

I'm a sucker for anything with spikes so I'd wear those babies.

Hope you have a happy New Year, doll!

articles on shopping said...

A must have shoe and addition to my collections, very elegant and sophisticated design. Jay Lo really does know how to capture women's eye. :)