Monday, August 13, 2012


" Fashion is more about feel than science" - Pharrel Williams
                                                 Clothes:  AUGUSTIN TEBOUL
                                                 Shoe:  Dolce /Gabbana



~Marie~ said...

That lace material better be strong enough to hold a foot in that shoe.... because it looks so delicate.

Anonymous said...

They do look delicate but in my opinion that makes them all the more feminine! I love them and not only could you wear them out but I could imagine they would look gorgeous with lingerie as well! Bet they're pricey but they look totally worth it! I actually found some lingerie that would go PERFECTLY with them because it's lacey: I think the lace detail on the shoes would look absolutely fantastic! For the daytime I imagine them with maybe some skinny jeans and a nice blouse or a really nice backless lace dress! These are definitely on my 'saving up for...' list

Fresh Sole said...

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